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Innovative Individuals: Zach Wise

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I have been watching Zach Wise closely ever since I was highly impressed with his leadership role in the 2007 Soul of Athens project. He then went on to produce extremely engaging multimedia pieces at Las Vegas Sun, including “History of Las Vegas” and “Thirst in the Mojave.” Currently a multimedia producer at The New York Times, Zach has brought motion graphics into the journalism field from a virtually unknown concept to one of great potential. He has integrated an After Effects work flow at the Times, and continues to develop highly effective multimedia presentations. We are proud to recognize Zach as this week’s Innovative Individual for his evident passion, talent and creativity for multimedia.

CPOY judges review multimedia winners

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College Photographer of the Year 2009 winners were announced last week, and the judges did a great job carefully selecting the winners amongst a large crop of entries. According to the CPOY site, there were 226 multimedia projects entered for consideration. Arguably more interesting than the winner’s list, however, were the video screencasts of the judges discussing the semi-finalists in each round.

Move over! Motion graphics’ rise to stardom

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Lately, I have noticed an increase in multimedia projects that utilize motion graphics and animation to visually depict a story. While this medium has been used for years in the film industry, I would argue that it has been mostly underutilized in our field until now. Using Adobe After Effects, producers can either combine animation within a traditional video format, or use motion graphics as the entire video.

Zach Wise produces New York Times’ demo reel

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After an incredibly busy week on II with our bilingual announcement and yesterday’s conversation-starting post of notable multimedia professionals, I am off to Cabo San Lucas for a long weekend to enjoy my fall break. Thanks to everyone for their emails, comments, and feedback on my round-up list. I have a lot of great ideas in mind as to how I can highlight individuals who I missed on the list yesterday, which I will implement next week. Until then, have a great weekend and enjoy this awesome inspiration from Zach Wise at The New York Times!

New York Times presents War Without Borders

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New York Times produced their second interactive video last week, titled “War Without Borders.” The first, “Choosing a President,” created quite a large buzz amongst the numerous online communities, including this blog. Now that they have a template to streamline these bad boys, I am extremely excited to see the integration of these interactive portals into otherwise stand-back-and-watch video galleries.

Post’s onBeing 2.0 and Times’ [LENS] blog launched

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While I was away, two exciting projects launched: Washington Post updated their onBeing series with a new 3-D interface, and the New York Times introduced [LENS], a photojournalism and multimedia blog with horizontal scrolling. Both of them caught my eye initially because of their innovative interfaces, but held my interest because they will provide top-notch multimedia content from a variety of sources.

VisualPin introduces next generation of interactive videos with geotags

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VisualPin allows its users the ability to utilize geotagging by adding a google map alongside any video. Viewers can watch the map and video, or interact with the map to jump to certain areas of the video. This reminds me of Zach Wise’s interactive video, “Thirst in the Mojave.” Maybe VisualPin is the next best option for the non-programmers out there …

Behind the Scenes of Las Vegas Sun’s “Thirst in the Mojave”

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Multimedia producer Zach Wise wrote a great behind the scenes post about his “Thirst in the Mojave” package that recently launched. I was floored when I realized how much data, media and extra functionality was built to enhance an otherwise basic video player. Wise takes storytelling to a completely new level with the introduction of interactive videos.

New York Times proves it’s innovation with election wrap-up

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New York Times just launched a summary presentation of the presidential election with an innovative video, including motion graphics, interactivity, photos, and archival footage from the past two years. Take note: “2008 Election – Choosing a President” is journalism at it’s greatest.

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