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My advice to potential bloggers: Don’t ‘Just Do It’

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I have been blogging for more than three years, and I have normally kept my personal life, well personal. However, I alerted you when I applied for Nicholas Kristof’s contest, I updated everyone when I was accepted into UNC’s MBA program and I blogged when I finished my thesis. I think it’s important that bloggers add a personal touch every once and awhile. Recently an II reader asked me to blog about my thoughts on blogging and why I spend so much time doing it. So, for the first time, here is my take on blogging and why I would actually caution others from doing it.

Sorry II has been down … we are working on it!

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Hi everyone! II is alive and well; we just had a few obstacles to overcome when changing servers and upgrading to the latest Wordpress version. Thanks for bearing with us throughout the past week! Hopefully a dedicated server will mean faster page loading times for you, so although the transition wasn’t perfect we are enthusiastic about the hopeful improvements that this move will bring about. All pages and posts should now be working again properly, but we still need to clean up the symbol errors and a few other bugs that popped up.

How to pick the right CMS for your needs

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One thing I have noticed lately is that almost everyone has his/her own favorite CMS, but the reasoning behind it is quite limited. Furthermore, I can’t seem to find a comprehensive document detailing the pros and cons of each, and when one should be selected over the other. Here is my stab at the CMS world and how you can utilize particular ones to fit your needs.

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