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Redesign and Interactive of Time.com

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The much anticipated redesign of Time.com finally launched early this morning. It was an excellent platform coordination between print and online distributions. The cover of the printed magazine and the centerpiece of the online presentation is the GigaPan panorama from the top of One World Trade Center. First, the interactive has large video and photos   …Continue Reading

Five tips for emerging video journalists

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Video journalism is an evolving field that has yet to cultivate an obvious identity for itself. Many companies have different needs and objectives and staff videographer positions will inevitably vary in their responsibilities. But there are a few skills that I strongly believe all budding video journalists should take note of as they begin their careers in multimedia production.

TIME.com’s interactive graphics worth a look

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I recently stumbled across TIME’s “Interactive graphics and media” page, and found myself spending a good amount of time looking through their recent projects. If you haven’t had the time to explore around their site, it is definitely worth a look to find some great inspiration on innovative and elegant interfaces.

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