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MediaStorm produces two philanthropic multimedia videos for Save the Children and the United Nations Foundation

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MediaStorm recently published two philanthropic pieces commissioned by non-profit organizations Save the Children and the United Nations Foundation. The first, a fast-paced promo for Save the Children’s Every One campaign, was turned around in 10 days. The second, a documentary about the importance of girl’s educations in Ethiopia, integrated videography and photography from four producers in the field: Jeff Erwin, Owen Smith, David Evan and Stuart Ramson. Both were produced by former II blogger Tim McLaughlin and are well worth your time. Enjoy!

MediaStorm produce dos vídeos multimedia filantrópicos para Save the Children y la United Nations Foundation

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MediaStorm publicó recientemente dos piezas filantrópicas pedidas por las organizaciones sin fines de lucro, Save the Children y la United Nations Foundation . La primera, una promoción para la campaña Every One de Save de Children, fue producida en 10 días. La segunda, un documental acerca de la importancia de la educación de la niñas en Etiopía, integró videografía y fotografía de cuatro productores: Jeff Erwin, Owen Smith, David Evan y Stuart Ramson. Ambas fueron producidas por el ex blogueros de II, y valen mucho la pena. Disfruten!

Exploring Soul – Ohio University’s 2010 Soul of Athens

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An impressive array of student-run multimedia projects have hit the internet in recent years and one of the most well-known is Ohio University’s Soul of Athens. Now in its fourth year, the 2010 iteration has recently been released and (II) asked me to take a look.

Behind the scenes: Unveiling MediaStorm’s website redesign

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“I don’t know if you can hear it in my voice, but I’m wiped.” It’s the Saturday after a complete redesign of his company’s website, and Brian Storm, executive producer and founder of MediaStorm, does indeed sound exhausted. If you know the unending energy of Storm, you’ll appreciate this admission. With seven full-time staff and an intern, this small Brooklyn New York based company spent the better part of a year quietly reinventing it’s web-based image. When considering that job was handled primarily by about half the staff, you start to get an idea of how immersive this experience must have been for those involved.

II welcomes journalism contributor Tim McLaughlin

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We are happy to announce our newest contributor, Tim McLaughlin, who will blog semimonthly about multimedia journalism. After writing two excellent guest blog posts for us, one about the iPad’s multimedia revolution and the other about educational multimedia resources, we knew Tim would be an excellent addition to the team. Tim will publish posts on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month on content pertaining specifically to the online journalism community. We have already brainstormed a great list of topics for upcoming posts, but always feel free to contact us with ideas that you would like to see covered!

20 educational (and free!) multimedia resources

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Today II guest blogger Tim McLaughlin reveals 20 of his most favorite resources for multimedia education – spanning audio, photography, videography, multimedia post production, and web design. Tim also provided a printable PDF of his list so that you can freely share it with others. I hope that once you read through his list you add your own favorites in the comments. I was impressed to see some unfamiliar sites amongst his list, and I hope to learn of even more inspirational resources from all of you!

Apple’s iPad: Three weeks into the (magical) revolution?

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In anticipation of Poynter’s webinar Tuesday on the iPad (which you should totally enroll in if you are free from 2-3pm EST) we asked Tim McLaughlin, multimedia director at Maine Media Workshops, to give us his take on the introduction of the iPad and its potential in the media industry. Tim spoke with MSNBC developers and multimedia guru Bob Sacha, as well as analyzed iPad’s pricing model as seen in current apps by The Wall Street Journal and TIME Magazine. We loved reading Tim’s assessment and we hope you will as well!

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