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Job and internship opportunities, July 2010

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This month we highlight 20 new multimedia opportunities that we came across in our monthly perusal of job boards. Two are internships; one is part-time; the rest are full-time. And, just as a side note, Bean Interactive won this month with the most creative job ad, ending “If you made it this far and are thinking, ‘I am so perfect for this job they might as well have called it “[YOUR NAME HERE]’s New Job” in the listing,’ then we want to hear from you.” Love it!

Multimedia job opportunities, June 2010

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This month we highlight 20 multimedia jobs that we have come across recently that are hopefully of interest to many of you. In particular, note the three killer opportunities at Grow Interactive, the group behind the extremely innovative project “The Girl Effect.” Also, I worked previously as a multimedia producer at The Roanoke Times, so if you are interested in that job opportunity feel free to email me personally to get the inside scoop. Otherwise, happy job hunting everyone!

Innovative Individuals: Evelio Contreras

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Video storytelling is normally a skill that takes months if not years of practice to master. However, Evelio Contreras conquered it the first day he picked up a video camera to cover the Virginia Tech shootings. He is a natural when it comes to videography, and I can attest to his talent after working with him for a year at The Roanoke Times. Regardless if he was producing webcasts, feature vignettes or news videos, he always made a point to add a creative element into his stories. For this reason, I am happy to feature him as this week’s “Innovative Individual.”

John Adkisson excels at visual storytelling

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Last night at Photo Night LI, UNC student John W. Adkisson showed a video he produced as an intern at The Roanoke Times this past summer. Being a former employee there, I was surprised that I had not previously seen this piece, nor seen John’s work. Named a semi-finalist in the 2007-2008 national Hearst competition, this guy is definitely one worth watching.

Multimedia Advice: How to build map mashups

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As mashups become increasingly more popular in multimedia presentations, it is important that producers learn how to create them. Therefore, I asked Chris to explain how to get started building map mashups, with information on both the Google map API and UMapper.

2008 Documentary Project of the Year goes to Roanoke.com

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I am excited to announce that a project I worked on at The Roanoke Times was named “Documentary Project of the Year” by POYi. “Age of Uncertainty” was a passionate project by journalist Beth Macy, photographer Josh Meltzer, multimedia editor Seth Gitner, myself and a few others. The series documented the challenges facing the region’s rapidly growing elderly population. Congratulations to the entire team for receiving this honorable award!

Roanoke.com highlights alveolar soft part sarcoma in emotional multimedia package

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When I left Roanoke.com, photographer Jeanna Duerscherl and reporter Rob Johnson were feverishly working on a story about Brooke Smith, a 21-year-old who was diagnosed with alveolar soft part sarcoma. “Letting go, letting God” is a compelling story for several reasons. Not only does she have a rare and incurable cancer, she has also battled depression and suicidal tendencies, and witnessed her father’s unexpected death as a teenager. This woman definitely has a story to tell.

Roanoke.com launches a virtual museum for the opening of the Taubman Museum of Art

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Roanoke.com launched a virtual, interactive museum in time for the opening of Roanoke’s new art museum, the Taubman Museum of Art. With ten features spread throughout three rooms, including a theater, this interactive allows users to be both informed and entertained as they explore around this virtual building.

Personal lesson to the advantages of object-oriented programming

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OOP can be confusing at first (why all these class files anyways??) but, when done right, is extremely handy when it comes time to create templates to be customized at a later date. Here is a case-in-point to the benefits of object-oriented programming.

Online News Association lists 2008 finalists; Roanoke grabs two!

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The Online News Association released their finalists today for the 2008 Online Journalism Awards. I am happy to announce that two of our projects garnered spots: Age of Uncertainty was selected for “Multimedia Feature, Small Site” and One Year Later for “Outstanding Use of Digital Technology, Small Site.” It’s always exciting when lists like these   …Continue Reading

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