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Film director Jason Wingrove captures sea pool culture in upcoming documentary

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Simon Sticker recently came across an inspirational teaser video by freelance film director Jason Wingrove about sea pools in Sydney, Australia. I’m not sure if I was just fascinated by the notion of a sea pool since I have never seen one before or if it was the combination of the calming music and beautiful shots, but I found myself transfixed to the video. Jason wrote that “this is a teaser for a documentary in production on the Australian ocean pool culture in Sydney such as the famous Bondi Icebergs swimming club. We’ll hear from the many characters who frequent these unique to Australia pools and why they visit them year round.” Until we seen the final piece, enjoy these additional promos Jason has produced for the project.

Innovative Individuals: Simon Sticker

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If you are keeping track of all of the talented storytellers out there who are quickly filling the niche to produce visual content for non-profit organizations, you need to add one more name to your list. Simon Sticker is a Danish multimedia producer who is clearly passionate about multimedia storytelling. Instead of trying to speak on his behalf, I want to direct you to his short personal statement that he produced, aptly named “Why I do what I do:”

25 international multimedia professionals to watch

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When it comes to finding inspirational multimedia abroad, many times the language barrier becomes extremely frustrating. That is why I have a tendency to blog mostly about English multimedia sites that I come across. However, that doesn’t mean that I’m not continually checking out work and people from all over the world. There are the international regulars I mention – Adam Westbrook, Poul Madsen, Benjamin Chesterton, etc – but there are also oodles of others’ work who I come across one way or another and subsequently make a mental note to keep an eye on them. I decided to publish a handful of people outside of the U.S. whose work I admire. Hope you also enjoy browsing through their multimedia goodness!

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