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Multimedia Round Table | Under 21

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Back in May, Roanoke.com producers launched a multimedia package detailing the issue of underage drinking titled “Under 21.” I just had the chance to check out the online version, and I am curious to hear your take on the site. Take a five minute break from work (don’t worry, your boss won’t mind!) to browse through the package and then give me your feedback in II’s latest round table discussion.

Multimedia Advice: How to build map mashups

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As mashups become increasingly more popular in multimedia presentations, it is important that producers learn how to create them. Therefore, I asked Chris to explain how to get started building map mashups, with information on both the Google map API and UMapper.

2008 Documentary Project of the Year goes to Roanoke.com

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I am excited to announce that a project I worked on at The Roanoke Times was named “Documentary Project of the Year” by POYi. “Age of Uncertainty” was a passionate project by journalist Beth Macy, photographer Josh Meltzer, multimedia editor Seth Gitner, myself and a few others. The series documented the challenges facing the region’s rapidly growing elderly population. Congratulations to the entire team for receiving this honorable award!

Behind the scenes: Roanoke.com’s “Taubman Museum of Art”

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This post begins what will hopefully become a regular “Behind the scenes” look at what goes into certain interactive and multimedia projects: what tools they used, how long it took, why it is particularly innovative and/or interactive, and what they would have done differently. In other words, a post mortem of the finished product. I will start with an inside look at Roanoke.com’s most recent art museum project to get things going.

Roanoke.com launches a virtual museum for the opening of the Taubman Museum of Art

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Roanoke.com launched a virtual, interactive museum in time for the opening of Roanoke’s new art museum, the Taubman Museum of Art. With ten features spread throughout three rooms, including a theater, this interactive allows users to be both informed and entertained as they explore around this virtual building.

Personal lesson to the advantages of object-oriented programming

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OOP can be confusing at first (why all these class files anyways??) but, when done right, is extremely handy when it comes time to create templates to be customized at a later date. Here is a case-in-point to the benefits of object-oriented programming.

Online News Association lists 2008 finalists; Roanoke grabs two!

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The Online News Association released their finalists today for the 2008 Online Journalism Awards. I am happy to announce that two of our projects garnered spots: Age of Uncertainty was selected for “Multimedia Feature, Small Site” and One Year Later for “Outstanding Use of Digital Technology, Small Site.” It’s always exciting when lists like these   …Continue Reading

Inspiration from NYTimes leads to my best interactive yet!

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Yes, I’ve been quiet for awhile but I have a lot to prove for it. After a month of dedication to an interactive on aging and Medicaid for our Age of Uncertainty series, I have finished what is, by far, the most encompassing graphic I have ever attempted. It all started by getting inspiration from   …Continue Reading

Our live, multimedia blogging experience from the field

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One word to describe this experience was insane (-ly amazing!). Imagine 7 photographers, oodles of reporters, 2 videographers and 4 online producers all working together to create a live blog of multimedia content from Virginia Tech to cover the one year anniversary of the campus shootings. It was a feat to say the least but   …Continue Reading

Roanoke.com launches first drupal site

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Although I am a bit behind to announce the launch of this project, I am excited to detail our latest multimedia project, Age of Uncertainty. We had our goals set high as we conquered this website in knowing we would have to produce a lot of updates with our frequent additions to the story. Seth   …Continue Reading

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