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Redesign and Interactive of Time.com

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The much anticipated redesign of Time.com finally launched early this morning. It was an excellent platform coordination between print and online distributions. The cover of the printed magazine and the centerpiece of the online presentation is the GigaPan panorama from the top of One World Trade Center. First, the interactive has large video and photos   …Continue Reading

Critiquing MSNBC’s website redesign – is bigger always better?

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I was recently notified about MSNBC’s major overhaul with their digital presence so I decided to check it out. I will be upfront in disclosing that I do not read MSNBC so I am mainly curious to hear from the web designers, UI specialists, usability experts and loyal MSNBC readers out there who can provide their feedback regarding the site changes. As Creative Director Ashley Wells (and former Innovative Individual) stated, “We’ve made some big changes to our stories. Bigger pictures. Bigger video. Bigger text. Combined on a page, they tell bigger stories.” So, let’s dissect these changes and determine for ourselves if they succeeded in their goals.

Behind the scenes: Unveiling MediaStorm’s website redesign

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“I don’t know if you can hear it in my voice, but I’m wiped.” It’s the Saturday after a complete redesign of his company’s website, and Brian Storm, executive producer and founder of MediaStorm, does indeed sound exhausted. If you know the unending energy of Storm, you’ll appreciate this admission. With seven full-time staff and an intern, this small Brooklyn New York based company spent the better part of a year quietly reinventing it’s web-based image. When considering that job was handled primarily by about half the staff, you start to get an idea of how immersive this experience must have been for those involved.

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