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Innovative Individuals: Gabriel Dance

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If you ever saw The New York Times’ multimedia package “Gauging Your Distraction,” or the 2008 election interactive “What One Word Describes Your Current State of Mind?,” you were marveling over the work of talented multimedia producer Gabriel Dance. For a full list of projects he has worked on at the Times, check out his del.icio.us bookmarks. Throughout this series, II readers have been quite vocal about including numerous Times’ producers, and the name Gabriel Dance kept coming up as one of them. Therefore, we are happy to feature Gabriel as this week’s “Innovative Individual” for his exceptional work at the Times.

New York Times aggregates plethora of 2010 Winter Olympics multimedia coverage

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The New York Times has been pushing out new multimedia coverage of the Winter Olympics daily for the past two weeks, and frankly it’s been difficult keeping up with them! Thankfully, they created a landing page to promo all of the packages – all 24 of them – for our convenience. Personally, I would argue that the best part of this gallery is the ability to see a broad overview of their extensive coverage, which allows me to think about the decisions that went behind what medium to use with what story. As you can see, some packages are step graphics, while others are map-based interactives, while others are video vignettes.

Innovative Individuals: Nancy Donaldson

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If you watched “The Frontline of Mexico’s AIDS War” by the Washington Post in 2008, or enjoyed the “Choosing a President” presentation by The New York Times, you were watching the talented work of Nancy Donaldson. During her short career she has already produced a wealth of innovative multimedia projects from two of the most highly respected news organizations. As is evident from her inspirational work, it seemed clear that she deserved the title for this week’s Innovative Individual.

Multimedia guru Gabriel Dance advises on how to present data on the Web

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I apologize in advance, because what I am about to show you will take up an hour of your time. However, it is well worth it to carve out this time to listen to a recent speech by Gabriel Dance, senior multimedia producer at the New York Times. Speaking at The CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, Dance spends over an hour talking about how he got to where he is today, what tools he uses, the importance of usability, context and transparency, and much more. I have embedded all of the videos here for your convenience, so take some time during your coffee breaks and lunch hour to be inspired by one of the best in the field!

New York Times uses 3D animation to recreate Taliban kidnapping

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I finally got the chance to watch the entire “Held by the Taliban” series by the New York Times, and I especially enjoyed the 3D animation recreating their escape in the last installment. Now that the entire series has been rolled out, take 10 minutes to watch the six brief videos. This is an excellent example of how to successfully recreate past events using maps, stock photos and video, and 3D animation.

Dallas Cowboys Stadium: Two multimedia approaches, one story

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Last week, I came across two eerily similar multimedia packages about the new stadium for the Dallas Cowboys. The New York Times chose a video format, allowing the user to sit back and watch the 3D animation and listen to the reporter’s synced voice-over track. On the other hand, USA Today built an interactive graphic, allowing the user to move the animation with a scrubber bar. This is a great opportunity to analyze the two and think about how the medium selected impacts the user experience.

Five examples of innovative step graphics

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Step graphics are a type of interactive presentation, which present a variety of graphics organized sequentially in steps or nodes. Illustrations, 3D models, animations and explanatory text can all be combined across a variety of frames to tell a story. Best used for successive information, these presentations excel at breaking down complex information into visual, digestible bites for users to learn at their own pace.

The future of interactive videos

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In this week’s edition of II’s summer guest blogger series Matt Ford, multimedia producer at AP, discusses the future of interactive videos, both on the Web and on your television.

New York Times presents War Without Borders

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New York Times produced their second interactive video last week, titled “War Without Borders.” The first, “Choosing a President,” created quite a large buzz amongst the numerous online communities, including this blog. Now that they have a template to streamline these bad boys, I am extremely excited to see the integration of these interactive portals into otherwise stand-back-and-watch video galleries.

Post’s onBeing 2.0 and Times’ [LENS] blog launched

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While I was away, two exciting projects launched: Washington Post updated their onBeing series with a new 3-D interface, and the New York Times introduced [LENS], a photojournalism and multimedia blog with horizontal scrolling. Both of them caught my eye initially because of their innovative interfaces, but held my interest because they will provide top-notch multimedia content from a variety of sources.

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