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Multimedia Advice: How to build map mashups

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As mashups become increasingly more popular in multimedia presentations, it is important that producers learn how to create them. Therefore, I asked Chris to explain how to get started building map mashups, with information on both the Google map API and UMapper.

The importance of professional organizations in our industry

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With tight budgets these days, memberships to professional organizations might be the first to get the boot. However, I would argue that these organizations are one of the only things keeping us going in these hard times. Think about it: where else do passionate members congregate at annual meetings to better their craft, and dedicated volunteers organize and judge competitions to highlight exceptional work?

API’s Visual Journalism Slides and Notes for Upcoming Talk

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I will be traveling to Montgomery, Alabama, today to give a talk on multimedia innovation to professionals, professors and students in the area. I’m extremely excited to share my passion with others, and look forward to their questions and feedback. I posted my presentation on SlideShare, and included it here for your viewing pleasure.

Upcoming API speaking event in Montgomery, Alabama

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If you don’t follow me on twitter and/or del.icio.us (which you should, by the way!) you probably haven’t heard that yours truly will be speaking about multimedia innovation at API’s one day workshop in Montgomery, Alabama on April 3rd. I will be covering strategies for multimedia storytelling for news organizations and how to best prepare and equip your team for large-scale packages. My talk will be followed by two other professionals, and then end with a Q&A panel. If you are in the area, make sure to attend!

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