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Multimedia must see: Cisco Systems’ “You are the boss”

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While developing my most recent multimedia package on the water-energy nexus, I spent a great deal of time thinking of ways to visualize this intrinsic connection for users. We all know that many times the best way to brainstorm ideas is to look for inspiration elsewhere. The graphic artist working with me, Anna Carrington, did an excellent job combing the web for inspiration, and the interactivity of one site in particular by Cisco Systems, Inc. formed the crux of our interactive game. Titled “C’est vous le Boss” (You are the boss), this site enables you to become the boss and make decisions around your office.

Evolution of 3D: Stereoscopic 3D Gaming

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NVDIA released information about two exciting developments in 3D technologies. The first press release was about NVIDIA’s 3D Vision system, which supports 2D to 3D games as well as games designed with 3D stereoscopic interaction from the start. The second release was about the Total Immersion NVIDIA 3D Vision Surround Technology that provides stereoscopic gaming across three 1080p HD displays. This development had me wondering about how 3D interaction takes place in stereoscopic 3D space.

Inside the 3D industry with 3D Guy Al Caudullo

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In my quest to keep up with the rapid evolution of 3D stereoscopic TV and related technologies, I had the opportunity to contact a couple of knowledgeable people, and even took a trip to my local Best Buy for a hands-on demo.The first source for information about all things 3D was Al Caudullo. Al, known as the 3D Guy, was happy to respond with words of wisdom to my questions about this topic.

3D TV: Are we there yet?

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The success of Avatar was the green light for the display industry to unveil large-screen, high definition 3D displays to the home-viewing market. 3D buffs will need to prepare for the expense of a new 3D display, special 3D viewing glasses for each viewer, a 3D-compatable Blu-Ray player, a 3D ready set-box and a subscription to 3D content from a satellite or cable provider. Right now, most 3D broadcast content is limited to sports. There will be more interesting content soon, as the Discovery Channel announced this week that they will be broadcasting 3D 24/7 by 2011 and plans to continue investment in quality content. It is working in partnership with Sony.

The 3D Evolution: Part I, Introduction

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I asked II multimedia education contributor Lynn Marentette to research the emergence of 3D technologies and how it might impact the educational sector. I’ve been really intrigued by this concept and how we might be able to develop interactive 3D applications for a TV console and from my conversations with Lynn, it sounds like this is a promising field and one in which we need to keep our eyes on. We will be cross blogging this series on here and Lynn’s blog “Interactive Multimedia Technology.” Below is her introduction to the series, which she initially published over at IMT.

Providing HTML and Flash versions of same site … worthwhile or waste of time?

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During my User Interface Design course today, we discussed the site “Museumsinsel Berlin,” which used 3D models, graphics, and interactivity to depict the changes to this famous collection of German museums. While the interactivity is comparable to other online infographics, our attention was drawn to the navigational option to switch views back and forth between an HTML and Flash version. I’m impressed that they duplicated their bilingual content, but I’m not sure it was worthwhile …

New York Times uses 3D animation to recreate Taliban kidnapping

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I finally got the chance to watch the entire “Held by the Taliban” series by the New York Times, and I especially enjoyed the 3D animation recreating their escape in the last installment. Now that the entire series has been rolled out, take 10 minutes to watch the six brief videos. This is an excellent example of how to successfully recreate past events using maps, stock photos and video, and 3D animation.

Advice from Alberto Cairo on animated infographics

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In my quest to read everything related to multimedia and interactivity in preparation for my master’s thesis, I came across this excellent Q&A with UNC assistant professor Alberto Cairo titled, “Animated infographics and online storytelling: Words from the wise.” Although this interview was initially published in the Online Journalism Review in 2007, arguably all of his statements still hold true today. If you missed this article, make sure to read it now to get some great infographics inspiration from one of the best in the field.

Post’s onBeing 2.0 and Times’ [LENS] blog launched

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While I was away, two exciting projects launched: Washington Post updated their onBeing series with a new 3-D interface, and the New York Times introduced [LENS], a photojournalism and multimedia blog with horizontal scrolling. Both of them caught my eye initially because of their innovative interfaces, but held my interest because they will provide top-notch multimedia content from a variety of sources.

Toyota Why Not? Innovation Experience incorporates user input into interactive contest

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First Chevron, then Shell, and now Toyota. The transportation industry has continually impressed me with their interactives focusing on renewable energy. By allowing users to contribute, vote and rate other users’ inputs, these sites add a great level of interactivity into these high-caliber multimedia sites.

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