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Multimedia Round Table | “Carrying Darisabel”

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After watching “Carrying Darisabel” by The York Daily Record, I knew that it would be a great fit for II’s round table series. Specifically, I have two distinct questions I would like to ask you regarding this site. First, do we, as producers, still need to create a Flash intro screen to “glam up” a video or other simple media presentation? Then, going back to the infamous length question, is 20 minutes too long for a passive video story that occurred in the past with limited real-time content?

Multimedia Round Table | Bombay Flying Club’s “Streetlight”

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There is a great discussion going on over at Duckrabbit about Bombay Flying Club’s latest documentary, “Streetlight.” Issues over Flash, sound, video length, and black&white photo choice were brought up in relation to this piece. I think very highly of BFC producers Poul Madsen and Brent Foster, so I wanted to give my two cents.

Multimedia round table | “I kill a friend” (warning: graphic content)

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This month’s round table discussion is about one of – if not THE – most controversial multimedia packages I have ever encountered. If you watch the trailer to the French advertising site “I Killed a Friend,” it goes something like this: “Want to kill a friend? Need to get rid of someone? Call our professional killers. All you need is a photo of the victim. ‘I killed a’: now you can kill on the internet.” Low and behold, I inserted my photo, chose one of the five killers, and watched my death unravel right in front of my eyes.

Multimedia Round Table | Scientific American’s “Powering a Green Planet”

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It’s time to dust off those round table discussions so II readers can voice their opinions on the latest use of FLPY, the online multimedia magazine, as seen in Scientific American’s latest package “Powering a Green Planet.” Take five minutes to look through the nine “pages” in this package and think about the layout of content. Do you like the flipping animation imitating how one would flip a page in a book? Were the graphics effective in explaining energy conservation issues? Take a stand one way or the other and let’s start this month’s round table discussion!

Multimedia Round Table | Under 21

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Back in May, producers launched a multimedia package detailing the issue of underage drinking titled “Under 21.” I just had the chance to check out the online version, and I am curious to hear your take on the site. Take a five minute break from work (don’t worry, your boss won’t mind!) to browse through the package and then give me your feedback in II’s latest round table discussion.

Multimedia Round Table | Agony of the Aftermath

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I am curious to hear your take on a recent multimedia project I came across on Interactive Narratives by producer Nick George. “Agony of the Aftermath” was created while Nick spent six months as a Knight Digital Media Fellow in the Kiplinger program in Public Affairs Journalism at The Ohio State University.

Multimedia Round Table | Beyond the barrel

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It’s been several months since I opened up conversation about a particular multimedia piece, but I enjoyed the conversation so much from last round table that I would like to hear your thoughts on an interactive I came across today by the Arizona Daily Star, titled “Beyond the barrel.” Spend some time on this package, look at how they organized and designed the site, and think about what medium they used for each part of the story. Then, add your opinions in the comments on what you liked, what could have been improved, and your general impression on this interactive.

Multimedia Round Table | Killer Blue, Baptized by Fire

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I want to open up discussion about AP’s latest package, “Killer Blue, Baptized by Fire.” This four-part series documents the lives of soldiers in Blue Platoon, who served in Mosul, al-Qaida’s last urban stronghold. Coincidentally, I featured another AP package in the first round table discussion, but it failed to spark conversation amongst II readers. Hopefully the same thing won’t happen this time around. Personally, I was extremely emotional after watching this story, and I am eager to hear how others reacted.

Multimedia Round Table | AP Child Trafficking package

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I think the best way to excel at multimedia is to openly discuss multimedia packages, both to vocalize your impressions of the site, and to hear other opinions that you might not have otherwise thought about. I want more of you to discuss your thoughts on examples that I highlight, so I am beginning a section called “Multimedia Round Table.” I will introduce a multimedia package, and I would like to have a professional conversation about the site. What do you like? What do you not like? What could have been improved?

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