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SND revamps SNDies competition – entries due January 12th!

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If you were wondering what happened to SNDies, an online web competition that I judged the past two years, it underwent a redesign and will now be an annual digital design competition. 2010 sites must be submitted by January 12th for consideration. For now, get your entries together. I will include a link to the new contest’s website when it becomes available.

II’s picks for 2010 Webbys – Online Film & Video

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We now move on to pick our favorites from the “Online Film & Video” Webby finalists. This one was tough – I wanted to mark ties for several of them! I have to admit that I was totally underwhelmed by the student category … what happened there? On the other hand, other categories had such a broad sampling of content that I wasn’t sure how to compare one finalist to the other, such as the editing category with MediaStorm’s slow-paced “Driftless” with the quick cuts and editing of “The Bannen Way.” Both are excellent examples of high-quality editing, but hardly comparable!

II’s picks for 2010 Webbys – Interactive Advertising

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Today I continue perusing through the mounds of inspiration known as the Webby finalists by noting some exceptional work within the “Interactive Advertising” category. I hope you also get the time to slowly go through all of these sites – they are truly the best of the best!

II’s picks for 2010 Webbys – Websites

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Whew, my head hurts after spending the last two hours going through a large majority of the 2010 Webby Website nominees. Talk about inspiration (and an overwhelming sense of panic that I need to brush off my programming skills to keep up with this high-caliber work)! I decided to highlight some of the nominees that made a large impression on me. Throughout the rest of the week I will tackle the “Interactive Advertising,” “Online Film & Video,” and “Mobile” categories. Congrats to all of the nominees and best of luck to you – frankly you all deserve to win.

Multiple competition deadlines looming … enter now!

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I hope everyone is aware of several competition deadlines that are fast approaching. I have listed five January deadlines here for your convenience (listed chronologically by deadline). Some are free, while others are cheap and there are competitions for both students and professionals. Please remember to submit your work – the results are only valid if the winners are chosen amongst a rich sampling of other work in our field! Best of luck to everyone and please let me know if there are any other upcoming deadlines we should be know about.

CPOY judges review multimedia winners

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College Photographer of the Year 2009 winners were announced last week, and the judges did a great job carefully selecting the winners amongst a large crop of entries. According to the CPOY site, there were 226 multimedia projects entered for consideration. Arguably more interesting than the winner’s list, however, were the video screencasts of the judges discussing the semi-finalists in each round.

Introducing SNDies 2009 finalists

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18 hours and 168 projects later, we have finished judging the 2009 SNDies competition. Congrats to everyone involved in these projects. I was extremely impressed across the board with the innovation and depth of interactive storytelling. Recognition for Award of Excellence, Silver, Bronze and Gold awards will be announced at the SND 2009 convention in Buenos Aires in late September.

SNDies 2009: Meet the judges

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It’s that time of year again when judges descend upon Chapel Hill for a weekend of collaboration, discussion, and intense debate over the best multimedia packages of the past year according to SNDies. I filled in last year as an annual judge, but this year I am honored to serve as both the quarterlies and annual judge. This means that I have been judging multimedia packages throughout the year, and now I get to select the best of the best to receive top honors of gold, silver and award of excellence.

Analysis on 2009 SSND multimedia entries and winners

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SSND multimedia winners were announced today with winners in four categories: Best Overall College Newspaper Web Site, Best mini-site/special section of a Web site, Best interactive infographic, and Best multimedia slideshow. I was honored to be one of three judges, along with Journerdism’s Will Sullivan and graphic artist William Neff. Some of our comments have also been posted on the SSND blog, but I would like to highlight some entries in particular to discuss specifics in content, structure and quality.

A look at the best of the 2009 Webby nominees

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Even though I have final papers, exams and projects to be concerned with, I spent the better part of my evening meticulously scouring through the Webby nominations and casting my vote. Now, you should do the same! People’s Voice allows users to have their say on the matter, and become inspired at the same time while browsing through the entries. I will just give you a few hints on who I voted for, but also point out some excellent entries that should not be missed.

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