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Redesign and Interactive of

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The much anticipated redesign of finally launched early this morning. It was an excellent platform coordination between print and online distributions. The cover of the printed magazine and the centerpiece of the online presentation is the GigaPan panorama from the top of One World Trade Center. First, the interactive has large video and photos   …Continue Reading

Forbes visualizes America’s most influential news outlets

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In an effort to catch up after my much-needed vacation in Brazil and some other priorities that took precedence over blogging last month, I recently came across Forbes’ “interactive media map” showing media outlet’s popularity across the U.S. I was intrigued to learn that they scraped data to determine whether or not a site was “influential” so I began digging around to learn more.

Interactive studio HelloEnjoy uses WebGL for HTML5 music video ‘Lights’

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Recently, HTML5 has been utilized for several music videos including OK Go’s “All is Not Lost” and Arcade Fire’s “The Wilderness Downtown.” Now I am excited to add a third site to that list, Ellie Goulding’s music video “Lights,” and introduce you to a new (to me) interactive studio, HelloEnjoy.

Top 50 multimedia packages of 2011

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It’s always fun to revisit multimedia projects at the end of the year when I create my ‘top 50′ list. As I do each year, I must stress that this is my list and not a definitive ‘best of’ list simply because I have not seen all multimedia created and thus cannot create a comprehensive list. Therefore, below are 50 projects that have inspired me most in 2011. A reader suggested last year that I better organize the sites, so I decided to pick 10 each from the five sectors: journalism, advertising, student work, philanthropy, and documentary. Thanks to everyone for the overwhelming inspiration and happy holidays!

Multimedia must-see: PNC Christmas Price Index Express

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After seeing ingenious interactive campaigns such as the 2007 Get the Glass! game, I get incredibly excited about the potential for interactive media. Now I get to add PNC’s Christmas Price Index Express to my list of inspirational interactive media campaigns. Seriously spend 15 minutes with this site – it is well worth your time!

Behind the scenes of NFB’s One Millionth Tower

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I am thrilled to bring you an exclusive interview with Kat Cizek, Emmy award winner and director of Highrise, an innovative project by NFB on urbanization and highrise architecture around the world. Last year I featured an earlier project in the series, Out My Window. They recently released their latest project One Millionth Tower, which is an immersive 3D virtual documentary built with HTML5, webGL, open-source Javascript libraries and numerous APIs. You can either watch the 7-minute documentary is a passive, sit-back fashion or as an interactive 3D experience. For users with dated computer technology, there is also a simple HTML version. Hopefully you can experience the “super-techie version” (as Kat says!).

Multimedia must-see: Slavery footprint

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Documentary project Call + Response (overseen by non-profit Fair Trade Fund) recently deployed an interactive website and mobile app asking you to determine how many slaves “work for you,” aka how many likely were involved in the production of products you use every day. Unfortunately I have a whopping 54 slaves. I really liked their call to action at the end where instead of playing the blame game, they gave me a template to fill out and send to a variety of different organizations asking them to make their supply chain more transparent to uncover any forced or child labor. Take the survey and let me know what you think of their approach to raising awareness about this issue.

Neo-Pangea and National Geographic launch interactive series “Brain Games”

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I recently learned about a new (to me) interactive company, Neo-Pangea, located in Reading, PA. They teamed up with National Geographic to create a three-part series on the human brain called “Brain Games.” I reached out to project manager Phillip Krick to learn more about the interactive.

Behind the scenes of JSOnline’s “Empty Cradles”

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I have blogged about JSOnline’s impressive multimedia packages several times in the past. This time around I’m excited to take you behind the scenes of “Empty Cradles,” an in-depth series on infant mortality in and around Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Read my Q&A with fellow UNC grad Emily Yount, who helped produce many of the interactive pieces for this package.

Move over Dipity! AVE, a new interactive timeline editor to put on your radar

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All I can say is IT’S ABOUT TIME! I’m excited to introduce you to “AVE” (ABC Visualisation Editor). As I envision it, this may very well do for timelines what Soundslides did for audio slideshows. Read my interview with Sam Doust, Creative Director of Strategic Development at Australian Broadcasting Corporation, to learn more about this tool and when you can expect to test it out for yourself.

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