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weekly series where readers nominate deserving individuals to be recognized for their innovative work.

Meet Meograph, and online storytelling tool

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Innovation” and “startup” have become buzzwords in the journalism and publishing industries as companies try to find new ways to tell stories. But sometimes the best tools come from people in other industries — such as aerospace engineering at MIT. Misha Leybovich, an international technology consultant, likes to tell stories the old-fashioned way: in person.   …Continue Reading

Innovative Individuals: Adam Westbrook

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It is great timing to feature British blogger and multimedia entrepreneur Adam Westbrook as this week’s “Innovative Individual” since he is currently running an excellent series over at his blog on how people, and more specifically journalists, can get started blogging. Furthermore, he took his own advice from his latest e-book and recently launched a multimedia production company called studio .fu. I have highlighted Adam’s work several times here simply because I think extremely highly of him and his work. Thus, formally including him in this series was a must in my eyes!

Innovative Individuals: Maisie Crow

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I first learned of Maisie Crow after watching her exceptional piece about a boy with prader-willi syndrome titled “Hungry.” Within 24 hours of blogging about her story, an Argentinean man who has a 27-year-old daughter with the disease emailed me to say that by finding the story through my blog, it changed his life because he didn’t feel alone anymore. Talk about the power of the web and visual storytelling! Two years later, she already has an Emmy nomination under her belt. For Maisie’s clear talent in visual storytelling, we are happy to feature her as this week’s “Innovative Individual.”

Innovative Individuals: Lauren Clifford-Holmes

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With all of the flurry that came and went with the 2010 World Cup games, it made me wonder what technology South Africa offered in order to adequately document the games. Lauren Clifford-Holmes, multimedia editor of South Africa’s Mail & Guardian Online, pondered the same thing three years ago over at her old blog, The Soap Box. “What are the implications for those living on the poorer side of the ‘digital divide’?”, she questioned. Since then, she worked diligently with major digital news organizations throughout the country to prepare them for the games. In honor of her tireless efforts to introduce and promote multimedia storytelling in South Africa, we are happy to acknowledge her as this week’s “Innovative Individual.”

Innovative Individual: Gary Hayes

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Sixteen months ago I wrote a blog post titled “FlarToolkit introduces augmented reality using Flash.” Thus began a side interest in learning more about augmented reality (AR) and transmedia storytelling. As technology advances, it is extremely important that we learn more about these storytelling capabilities to elevate our delivery potential. No longer does it suffice to throw up a passive video on YouTube – our viewers are increasingly eager for more. I am extremely excited to announce Gary Hayes as this week’s “Innovative Individual” for truly understanding this notion and breaking into the fields of AR and virtual worlds throughout his rich and impressive professional history.

Innovative Individuals: Annabel Symington

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Journalist Annabel Symington is definitely on the move! You read of her Guarani Project a couple of weeks ago and the success of joining with Kickstarter to fund the first phase of that project. Annabel had been preparing for the first leg of travel to South America for that project, when she was commissioned to cover the BP oil spill in two ways, by two publishers! The first assignment by The Truth Pursuit is a series of articles about the BP oil spill in the Gulf. Annabel’s writes the in-depth article; she specializes in classic long form feature writing, yet will also include powerful, brief live interviews such as with the local fisherman in the Gulf assisting with the BP cleanup. The woman interviewed asked to remain anonymous, but in a few words and images, the piece gave a stark message.

Innovative Individuals: Ehrin Macksey

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I first learned of Ehrin Macksey when I saw his exceptional story about leprosy in Vietnam called “The Story of Bop.” For the past four years he has successfully raised awareness about multimedia storytelling throughout Vietnam by working for a multitude of clients doing documentary videography, editorial photography, and news reporting. We are pleased to recognize Ehrin as this week’s “Innovative Individual” for his talented work and clear passion for multimedia!

Innovative Individuals: Simon Sticker

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If you are keeping track of all of the talented storytellers out there who are quickly filling the niche to produce visual content for non-profit organizations, you need to add one more name to your list. Simon Sticker is a Danish multimedia producer who is clearly passionate about multimedia storytelling. Instead of trying to speak on his behalf, I want to direct you to his short personal statement that he produced, aptly named “Why I do what I do:”

Innovative Individuals: Gustavo Sierra

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When professionals think about inspirational multimedia work coming out of South America, the work of producers at El Clarín in Buenos Aires, Argentina, frequently come to mind. We have been tracking their work for awhile now, and are especially impressed with the work of Gustavo Sierra, Clarí’s international news editor, tv host, war correspondent, and published author. His professional history is quite impressive to say the least: “He was a member of the team that initiated service of CNN en Español in Atlanta; White House correspondent for NBC-Canal de Noticias and CBS-Telenoticias; correspondent in Chile and Argentina for Univision—the first Hispanic U.S. television network; and editor of the Latin American service of the Associated Press in New York.” For this very reason, he was recognized as the 2008 Maria Moors Cabot Prize winner, the oldest international prizes in journalism. And, today we are happy to recognize him as this week’s “Innovative Individual.”

Innovative Individuals: Gerardo Samano Cordova

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When digital animator and developer Gerardo Samano Cordova’s name came up for recognition as an “Innovative Individual,” I was curious to learn more about him as I have to admit that I was unfamiliar with his work. After spending only a minute with his portfolio site, I knew this guy had talent. I then noticed that he recently started his own digital media company based in Mexico City called Bowtie, which provides website design, game development, animation, iPhone apps, and e-commerce infrastructure to its clients. His company site was recognized as the site of the day for The CSS Awards, and I’m pretty sure I know why. Check out his work and you’ll also know why we were eager to track him down and feature him as this week’s Innovative Individual!

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