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Danfung Dennis et al. launch interactive mobile company Condition ONE

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In MediaStorm’s latest installment of notable videos, Brian Storm pointed out “My Freedom or Death” by photojournalist Patrick Chauvel. Soon after watching it I realized the true significance of this video and the underlying technology. Thus, I asked Danfung Dennis for more information on Condition ONE, the mobile company that he founded to provide the capability to convert watchers into users as they become immersed in the interactive video.

Company spotlight: Duckrabbit

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I first learned of the UK-based company Duckrabbit several years ago when I started tracking their widely-read (and highly opinionated) blog. Co-founders David White and Benjamin Chesterton do an excellent job exposing controversial subjects on their blog and engaging in heated debate with their readers. They are also well known for their commissioned work and training seminars. I have blogged about them and their work several times in the past, and today I am excited to let David give you first-hand insights into their company.

Company spotlight: Aer Studio

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This week I’m excited to highlight Aer Studio, an interactive design studio in Barcelona, Spain. I first learned of their work after seeing “The Turn – Fredo Viola,” which was recognized by TheFWA as the “Site of the Month.” They focus on what they call “Human-Computer Symmetry,” in an attempt to achieve a seamless interaction for their user. I love learning how international companies are devoting themselves to interactive multimedia, and hearing that they agree that the demand for it is growing!

Company spotlight: Applied Works

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For this week’s company spotlight interview, we will jump across the Atlantic to interview Applied Works, an interactive agency in London. I first learned of their work after seeing Kroo Bay, the extremely well designed and innovative site about the slum in Sierra Leone. I’ve been tracking them ever since, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading how they perceive multimedia in the UK.

Company spotlight: Kicker Studio

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This Q&A is especially for the interactive designers out there. Kicker Studio just celebrated its second birthday, and prides itself in “combining visual, industrial, and interaction design to make products that are holistic from the ground up.” Their studio is based in San Francisco, California, and their design portfolio consists of consumer electronics, appliances, touchscreens, kiosks, devices, objects with screens, and robots. I love how they are expanding beyond the traditional computer screen to design for countless multimedia devices.

Company spotlight: Garapa

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I am really excited to introduce Garapa, a multimedia company based in São Paulo, Brazil. The trio of photojournalists has a clear mission statement: “Our main goal is to make good multimedia storytelling, using photography, audio, video, interactivity and whatever else comes our way, for distribution across multiple media, specially the internet.” And, if you have watched their demo reel, you can tell that they clearly have talent!

Company spotlight: Chance Multimedia

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I absolutely love the entrepreneurial spirit in the multimedia sector. I have featured several start-ups in the past, and today I am happy to introduce another one, Chance Multimedia, founded by husband-and-wife team Jessica and James Chance. The Denver-based company targets four customer segments: nonprofit organizations, businesses, authors and associations. Their reasoning for starting this venture? Simple – there is substantial, and increasing, demand for high-quality multimedia. As they write on their site, “The internet has evolved as bandwidth has increased, and Web sites are now expected to be interactive channels that allow your customers to explore and interact with your product or service.”

Company spotlight: Grow Interactive

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I first came across Grow Interactive when I found out they were responsible for the inspirational site The Girl Effect. Since then, I have been closely watching them as they turn out one innovative product after another. Located in Norfolk, Virginia, this team of developers, animators and designers has certainly made a name for itself. For the past three years in a row Grow Interactive has garnered multiple Webby nominations and is frequently highlighted by FWA. As a side note, they are currently hiring for several positions, so read on to learn more!

Company spotlight: Tellit Multimedia

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Are you a recent grad who is still looking for that perfect job? I know how you’re feeling: It took me three agonizing months post-graduation to land my first job at If your story is similar, this post is for you. Instead of complaining about the flailing market and lack of jobs, why not be like Melina Kolb and start your own company? Eight months ago Melina decided to create Tellit Multimedia, a video production studio that is based in Chicago, Illinois. Her entrepreneurial spirit inspires me and I hope her success story energizes you to consider starting your own venture as well.

Company spotlight: Kauri Multimedia

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Lately there has been a surge of multimedia start-ups, such as Adam Westbrook’s Studio .fu and Ackerman Gruber Images founded by husband and wife team Tim Gruber and Jenn Ackerman. However, few if any had arisen in Spain until I came across Kauri Multimedia, a new documentary venture by co-founders Diego Vivanco and Ian Clark. I thoroughly enjoyed Diego’s Q&A on multimedia in Spain and I hope you take the time to read his insightful thoughts! Giveaway Day 5: In the entrepreneurial spirit, comment on this post giving Diego Vivanco one piece of advice/encouragment to be eligible to win a copy of Adam Westbrook’s e-book “Next Generation Journalist” and our last NewsU webinar pass. This concludes our week-long giveaway … thanks to everyone who participated!

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