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Relaunch of Innovative Interactivity

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I am excited to announce the relaunch of Innovative Interactivity (II). As you might have read, The University of North Carolina School of Journalism and Mass Communication now publishes II. Tracy Boyer Clark has done a tremendous job  developing this website into a community with valuable resources about interactive multimedia, and UNC is proud to continue this great work.   …Continue Reading

Announcing II’s proud new owner: UNC Chapel Hill’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication!

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Exactly five months after initially posting about II’s sale, I could not be happier to announce that the blog has been acquired by my alma mater, the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and will be edited by Steven King. It’s been a long time in   …Continue Reading

News alert: Innovative Interactivity (II) is for sale!

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After much thought and deliberation, I am excited to announce that I am selling Innovative Interactivity. After nearly five years of sweat and tears, I have decided to step aside and let someone else (or another entity) take over the site and ensure its continued growth. I am open to considering any and all proposals so please email me at if you would like to learn more!

Best of II, February 2012

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Happy Leap Year everyone! Hope you all had a healthy and prosperous month. As a heads up, I’m taking advantage of what is likely my last formal spring break and traveling to Rio de Janeiro with my mom and sister. Thus, the blog and twitter feed will go quiet for the first part of March, but I’ll be back and refreshed mid March!

Best of II, January 2012

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I hope 2012 is off to a great start for everyone! I am finishing up my coursework for my MBA/MSIS (which I will receive in May – woohoo) and enjoying a 25 hr/week web marketing spring internship at Lenovo. Focusing on these priorities prevents me from scanning the Web as often as I’d like for inspirational multimedia, so I’d love to hear from you as to what sites you are perusing. Feel free to shoot me an email at – I look forward to hearing from you!

Best of II, November 2011

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I hope November was a prosperous month for everyone! I am wrapping up final projects/exams/papers as my semester winds down (only one more to go!). As a heads up, I will be traveling extensively the next three weeks (8 states in 20 days) with my husband as he interviews for medical residency. Thus, you’ll find me more on Twitter than on here publishing lengthy posts. That being said, I’ll be back again in 2012 and always welcome guest posts to fill the void!

Best of II, October 2011

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October came and went before I even had the chance to notice! Even though the blog is quieter these days, I truly appreciate your support on and off the site. If you ever have a topic you’d like me to discuss, or a project that should be featured, please get in touch! Also, I started an informal mentorship program where I am connecting young, newly graduated readers (aka mentees) with savy professional readers (aka mentors). So far, I have a strong mix of both, and am hoping to get some more inquiries before I start the match process. Want to be either a mentor or mentee (or both!)? If so, please email me at with your name, short bio, what you are hoping to gain from this initiative and whether you would like to be featured in a blog post or connected privately.

Calling all mentors and mentees for II’s mentorship program

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Over the past several years I have fully felt the power of mentorship. Thankfully I am graduating this May after what ended up being 3.5 years in graduate school to obtain the first MBA/MSIS degree. Thus, I am thick into the job search and always seeking advice from others in how to best prepare. I know I’m not alone out there and I’m sure there are those who wish they had mentors but don’t know how to go about obtaining one. I’m sure there are also seasoned professionals who wish to give back by mentoring passionate students. So why not use this blog to connect one another?

Best of II, September 2011

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I hope everyone had a great month. II celebrated its fourth birthday this month, which both astounds and excites me. A big thanks to everyone’s support on and off the site. Each quarter in 2011 II saw between 25,000 – 35,000 unique visitors so I appreciate your loyalty to the site! Moreover, 2011 has brought visitors from 173 countries, with US, UK, Canada, India and Australia bringing the most visitors.

Best of II, August 2011

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Happy almost September everyone! I apologize that the blog has been quiet lately – I never realized how much time it would take to be president of an MBA career club. Alas, I always welcome guest bloggers to fill the silence so please email me if you have a topic in mind!

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