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Wall Street Journal’s digital strategy amidst the digital revolution

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Alan Murray, Deputy Managing Editor and Online Executive Editor at The Wall Street Journal, in 2012 stated that “media now becomes popular by consumer choice, not lack of choice.” With low barriers to entry and non-existent switching costs, digital consumers today are not only less loyal to any one news organization, but less willing to pay for content that they have, up until now, assumed was free. Thus is the root cause for why newspaper organizations are now strategically reshuffling their business models in order to adopt and adapt to the changing digital landscape. Wall Street Journal, on the other hand, continues to enjoy the strong revenue flow from its tried-and-true digital subscription model and has become the de-facto standard from which all other print news organizations benchmark their latest digital strategies.

Adam Westbrook’s “Inside the Story” $5 e-book on sale now!

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I always love seeing what British blogger and entrepreneur Adam Westbrook is up to — one day he’s making motion graphic videos detailing his media predictions for the upcoming year … another day he’s making an e-book on entrepreneurial journalism. His latest initiative is making an e-book for philanthropy called “Inside the Story” that gives multimedia designers and developers quick hits of inspiration from the best of the best, all for $5 and available for a limited time only so grab one while you can!

MediaStorm’s Eric Maierson advises students to ‘f*ck the fear – be awesome’

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It was a privilege to meet Eric Maierson, MediaStorm producer, tonight at UNC Chapel Hill during UNC’s esteemed PhotoNight speaker series. Back in 2009 I featured him in my “Innovative Individuals” series, and stayed in touch with him online ever since. His profanity-laced talk was full of passion and enthusiasm. My favorite quote from his talk was, “You never know where you’re going to end up so the important thing is the absorb what you can along the way.” Here are his other thoughts and words of wisdom on multimedia and visual storytelling.

Ken Kobre publishes latest book “Videojournalism: Multimedia Storytelling”

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Ken Kobré, head of the photojournalism program at San Francisco State University, founder of KobreGuide and author of “Photojournalism: The Professionals’ Approach,” recently published his latest book “Videojournalism: Multimedia Storytelling.” In the 272 pages and 16 chapters, Ken and other industry leaders detail the fundamentals of video storytelling. As an indicator of its potential, Ken notes that “it has already received more requests for possible college adoptions than any previous book published in the film/broadcast division of Focal Press.”

Infographic: A guide to UX careers

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When I came back to grad school one of the first classes I took was Human-Information Interaction, which, among other things, explained the difference between UI and UX. I recently came across this infographic, which breaks apart the different roles, job descriptions, salaries and skill sets of various UX professionals. They also list 36 tools that are utilized in this field. I’m surprised, though, that they didn’t include WebSort, which is my go-to tool for card sorting. There is a lot of skepticism surrounding this graphic, and I agree that it is very U.S.-centric, the salaries seem inflated, and the skill set needed shouldn’t primarily be coding skills. That being said, check it out and let me know your thoughts on it. I’d especially love to hear from those outside the U.S. who can compare/contrast UX roles around the world with what is listed below.

Nancy Duarte applies storytelling principles to the art of presentations

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In my eyes, Duarte is the business communication version of MediaStorm. They solve a HUGE need in the marketplace, which is the art of effectively conveying information to your stakeholders in a visually appealing manner. This is why I thoroughly enjoyed CEO Nancy Duarte’s TED talk that was recently posted online titled “The secret structure of great talks.”

A primer to tablet usage in the classroom: 10 apps, 3 accessories and 3 tricks

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Congrats on your new tablet purchase, alternatively, congrats on taking the bold step in using it to take notes during class. I’ve spent the last Mod taking notes exclusively on my iPad 2 and I want to share with you, dear reader, some tips and tricks, along with my most often used apps that make note-taking possible. I have jumped into the deep end of the cyber-pool and completely replaced paper use with my tablet, at least when it comes to schoolwork. I do all my note-taking, homework, and case-studies with my iPad laptop so that hardly any paper is used. You may wish to do the same, or pick and choose what you want to use your tablet for.

Best of II, 2011

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Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2011 was a prosperous and healthy year for all of you. I am continually humbled by, and gracious for, your support and readership. We have built a strong niche community on II of more than 90,000 readers from 183 countries (although the majority come from US, with UK, Canada, India, Australia, France, Spain, Germany, Denmark and Brazil rounding out the top 10).

Web Hosting Secrets Revealed site offers significant hosting discounts

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Last May I mentioned three hosting companies that I have either used personally or heard positive reviews: GoDaddy,, and WebHostGear. Recently I learned about Web Hosting Secrets Revealed (WHSR), a valuable site full of thorough reviews of hosting providers and resources to learn about web hosting, dedicated hosting and domain support. In my opinion, the best part of the site is their coupon page, where users can utilize 10 promo codes to save significant money on their next hosting purchase!

Music cloud wars: Amazon vs Apple vs Google

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Last week I presented a semester-long paper that I had been working on regarding the “music cloud wars”, or in other words, the current offerings of Amazon Cloud Player, Apple iCloud and Google Music. This paper was extremely fun to research and write as much of the news surrounding these products has unfolded over the last few months. For instance, Apple’s iTunes Match was just released last week. There are pros and cons to each of the three products, and at this time I don’t think any one in particular has the upper hand.

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