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Top 50 multimedia packages of 2011

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It’s always fun to revisit multimedia projects at the end of the year when I create my ‘top 50′ list. As I do each year, I must stress that this is my list and not a definitive ‘best of’ list simply because I have not seen all multimedia created and thus cannot create a comprehensive list. Therefore, below are 50 projects that have inspired me most in 2011. A reader suggested last year that I better organize the sites, so I decided to pick 10 each from the five sectors: journalism, advertising, student work, philanthropy, and documentary. Thanks to everyone for the overwhelming inspiration and happy holidays!

Multimedia must-see: PNC Christmas Price Index Express

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After seeing ingenious interactive campaigns such as the 2007 Get the Glass! game, I get incredibly excited about the potential for interactive media. Now I get to add PNC’s Christmas Price Index Express to my list of inspirational interactive media campaigns. Seriously spend 15 minutes with this site – it is well worth your time!

Fun stop motion video for Friday: “The job challenge”

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Multimedia doesn’t always have to be deep and compelling pieces of storytelling. Sometimes, such as the case with “The job challenge,” it can simply be fun visual eye candy. Daniel Romano did just that by using stop motion animation to depict his professional transformation as he portrayed holding 14 different job titles in 24 days. The end result is a quick-paced and humorous 80 second video with 755 images.

Multimedia must-see: “Holidays without Internet”

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I am always weary of external sites asking to gain access to my Facebook profile in order to “continue the experience.” However, former II translator Andrea Ballocchi sent along a link to “Holidays without Internet” by Spillmann/Felser/Leo Burnett so I gave it a shot and loved it! The Swiss tourism site uses Facebook Connect to customize their advertising campaign by pulling in my name, latest status update, photos and profile information. The end result is a witty and creative video telling me that I spend too much time online and need to escape to one of the disconnected villas in Switzerland to vacation. Point well taken!

EAS launches Facebook marketing campaign “The Unstoppable Tour”

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During the month of March an athlete is posting videos of himself on YouTube doing 30 different sports in 30 consecutive days in 30 cities across America. In addition, users are able to watch and interact with the athlete — who is promoting EAS performance nutrition products — on a Facebook app that already has more than 65,000 fans. Overseen by marketing agency McKinney, this campaign is a very innovative example of ways that companies can advertise and market their products to their digital users.

McKinney launches Spent, an interactive game about poverty

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McKinney, an advertising agency based in Durham, NC, recently teamed up with the Urban Ministries of Durham to visualize the difficulties that many people face in paying their bills and keeping a roof over their heads. Titled “Spent,” the interactive choose-your-own-adventure simulation takes users through a month of making financial decisions while trying to not go broke or ask a friend for help. I didn’t make it through the month – can you?

GE utilizes data viz, interactivity to renew public interest in trains

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Jeff Cambron from The Barbarian Group recently brought my attention to GE’s latest initiative, “The rebirth of rails.” Specifically, his company worked on the beautifully done visualizations for a video explaining dynamic braking. I really enjoyed the use of videography and information visualization to explain this complex topic. Even more, I loved browsing through the rest of the site to see games, calculators and other interactive elements, which I think you’ll enjoy as well.

Using motion graphics to support the legalization of marijuana

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I won’t publicly give my opinion on whether or not marijuana should be legalized in California, but I will promote “The New Leaf,” a creative use of multimedia that supports the cause! Developed by the oddly-named design firm “I shot him because I loved him, damn him,” this site features a cartoon motion graphic, oodles of graphics aggregated from prestigious news websites and a mapping tool to see how users can get involved. They also stream Facebook and Twitter messages within the site, creating a continually updated thread of discussion surrounding the issue. Check it out for yourself!

Dentsu London and BERG present “Making Future Magic: iPad light painting”

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Sometimes I come across projects that literally make me stop and wonder where multimedia technology is headed. “Making Future Magic” was one of those projects. Using the iPad and 3-D typography, creative agencies Dentsu London and BERG created a stop motion video to visually describe Dentsu’s mission statement. Tied to a beautifully written audio track, this video will keep you inspired for days.

4g mobile users document “firsts” for Sprint’s Evo campaign

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Sprint recently launched a digital campaign promoting Evo, their 4g phone. Evo owners are encouraged to document their “firsts” and upload the videos to “4G First,” an aggregation site promoting all of the experiences. They currently have more than 80 videos uploaded to their site, with ability to scale. The concept is a clever one: Create buzz around a product by using that product to promote itself. Users can upload their own video and/or peruse the others. There are even short animations of certain “firsts” that I assume were selected in-house.

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