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Can innovative interactive graphics come from Microsoft? Sure! Although we like to pick on Microsoft for lots of reason the still have some great products and have just released a new tool that integrates two of their best: Excel and Bing Maps.

According to Bing Map’s blog post, the new tool called, GeoFlow allows user the ability to display geocoded Excel data in 3D space on a Bing map making for interesting stacked bar visualizations on an interactive map.

 “’Geoflow’ emphasizes visual storytelling through collaborative features that show changes in data over time with beautiful screenshots and cinematic, guided video tours.” ~Bing Blog


This seems like a simple tool, like using Google Fusion Tables but with the geo-coding aspect that can display up to a million rows of data. While the demo looks good, we are looking forward to seing how easy it is to use.

Check it out and let us know if you think it will be useful.


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