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Journalism Interactive Conference Soon!

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Steve Fox expressed on Facebook that he could think of nothing better than leaving the cold winter at the University of Massachusetts and heading south to Florida for a few days to talk about journalism. I too am excited about the conference, but for more reason than just the weather!

This yearly gathering of the interactive journalism community, which started last year as a way for professionals and scholars to come together to share ideas about storytelling in new mediums, is becoming an interesting event. Some pretty big names from across the industry will be presenting this year. Visionary and leader of Digital First Media, Jim Brady, developer Jeremy Bowers from NPR, innovator Matt Boogie from The New York Times and numerous teachers and researchers from all of the major journalism schools will discuss the present and future of our industry.

Some, like Fox, might be coming just to get away from snow, but the conference offers a lot more with sessions on everything from big data journalism to eye tracking usability studies to learning new tools for telling stories.

This is smaller and more intimate than the ONA meeting (also a great event), and hopefully generates more conversation and dialog between participants and presenters. The idea is that relationships will be made between professionals and researchers that will inspire new innovations in the interactive journalism industry.

It is just a couple of weeks away and registration is still open. You can join me, Fox and industry leaders to discuss the future of interactive journalism, or just come down for the weather!

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