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Editor’s Note: Each month we will feature a tool that’s purpose is to make interactive storytelling easier or better. If you have suggestions of tools you use, please let us know at innovativeinteractivity@gmail.com 

Any tool that makes it easier to create interactive infographics is a welcomed site in the industry. Infogr.am is successful making “data fun again.” The site has a simple four-step process using six basic templates with numerous configurations for creating a unique informative graphic.


You can easily add all of the typical charts like bar, line and area as well as pictoral and wordcloud through a simple wizard-like interface or by dragging and dropping. An important feature is that these are not just graphics but you can also add photos, video and maps to your interactive graphic. The data for the charts can be input manually or you can import CSV or Excel documents.

Tools are great but how are people using them to tell stories? Most users seem to be creating simple one or two-chart infographics but one of the best examples comes from Jason Kelly and his Academics, Institutions, and Digital Scholarship (embedded below). He presents a complete story that includes text, maps and charts that illustrate his points.

This is a tool that might frustrate interactive designers/developers but for non-designers, especially reporters, it seems quite valuable. I have not seen any major publications using this tool yet, maybe because of the required infogr.am logo, the inability to use custom CSS or to have a larger width display but it does empower anyone to create a graphic that is easily comprehended.

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  • Stephanie Brown

    this looks really cool!

    • http://twitter.com/steven_king Steven King

      Thanks Stephanie, and pretty easy to use too!

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