Adam Westbrook’s “Inside the Story” $5 e-book on sale now!

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Inside the Story“Inside the Story” by Adam Westbrook and contributors

I always love seeing what British blogger and entrepreneur Adam Westbrook is up to — one day he’s making motion graphic videos detailing his media predictions for the upcoming year … another day he’s making an e-book on entrepreneurial journalism. His latest initiative is making an e-book for philanthropy called “Inside the Story” that gives multimedia designers and developers quick hits of inspiration from the best of the best, all for $5 and available for a limited time only so grab one while you can!

The e-book contains one-page journal entries from 24 inspirational and motivational figures in the multimedia world. It’s beautifully designed and makes me almost want to print it out and frame them! (Not a bad idea for that bare wall staring you in the face, eh?)

I was lucky and got a sneak peek in order to properly promote the initiative, so here are some of my favorite quotes:

“Deadlines are good in that they force you to finish, but they also time box the quality of a story.” – Brian Storm

“When you’re building a digital story, the best hack/shortcut to greatness is simple: put your best bit first.” – Amy O’Leary

“If you don’t take your audience by the hand and move them – either physically in time and space or emotionally – chances are they will leave you.” – Bombay Flying Club

“Great stories connect the specific to the universal, connecting all of us to the story.” – Bob Sacha

“Focus your user’s attention on one element at any given time.” – Monica Ulmanu

“You have to invest the time and energy into yourself, by yourself, for yourself. Hurry up because the person next to you started yesterday.” – Richard ‘Koci’ Hernandez

Alright, that’s enough spoilers for one blog post – pay the $5 (totally worth it as 100% goes to Kiva and you can forgo that coffee one day) and read it in its entirety! And, learn more by liking Inside The Story on Facebook and peruse #insidethestory on Twitter.

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