Crowdfunded transmedia project “Moneyocracy” to document U.S. politics and 2012 election

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I recently learned about “Moneyocracy,” a multimedia initiative consisting of a documentary, i-doc, and comic book by French photographers Gerald Holubowicz and Jean Nicholas Guillo.

They are trying to raise $48,000 to fund the project via KickStarter, and currently only have a little more than $3,000 with one week left. Check out their project and if you think it warrants support, I encourage you to spread the word and/or donate.

I am always happy to promote entrepreneurial initiatives in the multimedia community, so I hope these two can get the necessary funding and pursue this project!

Also, I think they’ve done an excellent job marketing their initiative, which others can learn from for your own crowdfunded projects. In addition to an extensive online presence with a website, blog and social media presence, they reached out to bloggers like myself with an extensive press kit (which makes my job helping them extremely easy).

“This is a transmedia documentary taking place during the 2012 U.S Presidential race. Its goal is to look at how campaign funding is affecting the democratic process. The project will be composed a documentary, an interactive documentary (i-doc) and a comic book.

The story focuses on the rise of new political groups called Super PACS and 501c4 and the consequences of the 2010 Citizens United vs F.E.C Supreme Court decision. … We’re definitely committed to raise awareness about this issue which – we think – threatened U.S democracy and seriously undermine people’s voice during the elections.

In the i-doc, the ‘spectactors’ play a fictional 501c4 board member. They get to decide how to market a fictional presidential candidate called Bill O’Maney and how to finance his campaign. This interactive experience allows the end-user to make a number of strategic campaign decisions for the candidate. The outcome of the campaign depends entirely on where the campaign’s money comes from (corporate money and super PAC, grassroot campaign donations, public option funding) and decisions made by the user.”

The producers will build the i-doc using HTML5 and make it compatible for PCs, tablets and mobile phones. Both the i-doc and video documentary are slated to launch by February 2013.

To learn more about the project, check out their KickStarter page, subscribe to their blog, follow them on Twitter, and/or fan them on Facebook.

About the producers:

Gerald Holubowicz and Jean-Nicholas Guillo

Gerald Holubowicz: Gerald has been a photojournalist for nearly 10 years and lived in New York since 2006. He has worked with several agencies: Abaca, Gamma and Polaris. He is now distributed by the German agency LAIF. His work has been published in France and in the U.S in major magazines. Gerald has covered the U.S. presidential campaign that led to the election of Barack Obama, the election night in Harlem and the inauguration of January 20, 2009 in Washington.

Jean-Nicholas Guillo: Like the “digital natives” who were born with digital and social networks, Jean-Nicholas does not limit himself only to photography to express his creativity, he is also a videographer, a director and an editor. Beyond his work published in Telerama, Le Monde and other regional magazines, his POM (Small Multimedia Works, shorts photo-movies) are projected at festivals such as Visa pour l’image, or the festival Circulations and alternative cultural venues in Paris. It is with “The Ninth Floor” a multimedia documentary by Jessica Dimmock produced by the multimedia production studio MediaStorm in New York that he discovered a new form of narration. Since then he has continued to explore the potential of these new type of storytelling.

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