Best of II, February 2012

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Happy Leap Year everyone! Hope you all had a healthy and prosperous month.

As a heads up, I’m taking advantage of what is likely my last formal spring break and traveling to Rio de Janeiro with my mom and sister. Thus, the blog and twitter feed will go quiet for the first part of March, but I’ll be back and refreshed mid March!

In the meantime, here is some food for thought. We obviously still have work to do. I’m not trying to evangelize multimedia. However, I do think we need to better explain it strengths and business justification. I say this because a blog post by picture editor Mike Davis is making the rounds and in it he writes, “Given a choice, I avoid multimedia like the plague. Why? Because most of it sucks.” He then goes on a rant about quite a number of related issues. I liked reading some of the feedback, particularly Bombay Flying Club’s very professional retort. Thoughts on his argument regarding where we stand with the term ‘multimedia’ and its worth?

Top Five Posts:
1. Multimedia usage within the classroom: Four mini case studies
2. Job opportunities, February 2012
3. Washington Post utilizes unconventional storytelling to depict the ‘media divide’
4. Nancy Duarte applies storytelling principles to the art of presentations
5. Infographic: A guide to UX careers

Had a busy month? Make sure to scroll through the February archive to check out any other posts you may have missed!

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