Top 50 multimedia packages of 2011

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Best of 2011

It’s always fun to revisit multimedia projects at the end of the year when I create my ‘top 50′ list. As I do each year, I must stress that this is my list and not a definitive ‘best of’ list simply because I have not seen all multimedia created and thus cannot create a comprehensive list.

Therefore, below are 50 projects that have inspired me most in 2011. A reader suggested last year that I better organize the sites, so I decided to pick 10 each from the five sectors: journalism, advertising, student work, philanthropy, and documentary.

Thanks to everyone for the overwhelming inspiration and happy holidays!

Journalistic Multimedia:

Advertising Multimedia:

Student/Training Multimedia:

Philanthropic Multimedia:

Documentary Multimedia:

Let me know what your favorite site was from the past year in the comments below!

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