The Guardian launches “Arab spring: an interactive timeline of Middle East protests”

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Earlier in the week The Guardian launched a really slick interactive timeline titled “Arab spring” detailing the numerous recent protests in the Middle East. Produced by Garry Blight and Sheila Pulham, this piece is definitely worth your time.

I really like this interface and interaction elements. I remember looking through the great post that Alex Gamela put together last year detailing different timeline options and they were all 2D horizontal timelines. This piece by The Guardian is the first example that I’ve seen of a 3D timeline scrolling vertically, which, in my opinion, is really pleasing to the eye.

I REALLY hope that they keep this timeline updated each day with new content. It launched March 22nd and they have content for the 23rd, so that’s a good sign!

If you want to learn more about interactive timelines, check out this collection of examples from Mark Luckie back in 2008 and then compare them to what you have seen lately – surprisingly much hasn’t changed in terms of displaying interactive timelines. Thank goodness producers like Blight and Pulham are working to change that!

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  • Alex Gamela

    I’ve been teaching multimedia narratives to journalists lately, and i showed this timeline to some of the groups this week. it was a great way to show how we can use this narrative option using great design and interactivity. It also allows to expand the ways we categorize the informative elements and how we hyerarchize them. It just looks amazing.

    Thanks for the mention, i’ve been recommending your blog to my students :)

    • Tracy Boyer

      Thanks for your input Alex and for helping to spread the word about II!

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  • Meena Tharmarajah

    The inspiration for the Guardian timeline came from a version developed by Sam Doust, Creative Director for the Innovation Division of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Sam Doust (who I work with) presented this timeline to the Guardian team when he visited them in London. His blog post explain HIS inspiration for the 3D timeline, that our team calls ‘The Road’

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