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I was surprised at how popular last year’s Top 50 list was, so I decided to revisit it again this year for a new list of the best multimedia packages that I have come across in 2010. Of course everyone’s list might be a bit different, but this is my best effort at aggregating the top stories that have inspired me throughout the year. I will refrain from ordering them, so for no other reason they are alphabetized. I hope you can take some time over the holidays to be inspired from the plethora of work seen here!

My major realization when putting this list together is that the majority is passive multimedia – where did all of the games, interactive graphics and data visualizations go? I wonder if all of the budget cuts this past year reduced the number of extensive interactive packages. Alas, I hope the interactives make a comeback in 2011!

2010 Carolina photojournalism workshop – Little Switzerland
2010 Eddie Adams workshop
2010 mountain workshop
2010 winter Olympics coverage” by The New York Times
A year at war” by The New York Times
Behind bars” by Berkeley students
Chosen ones” by Preston Gannaway
Colorful but colorblind” by University of Miami students
“Condition Critical” by Duckrabbit for MSF
Dark side of the lens” by Astray Films
Earthquake in Haiti” by El Mundo
Eric’s last wishes” by The Des Moines Register
Five years later: Hurricane Katrina” by USA Today
For better or for worse” by Rachel Mummey
Goodnight moon” by Margaret Cheatham Williams
Guy walks across America” by Conscious Minds
Home and away: Iraq and Afghanistan war casualties” by
India reborn” by Steve Mackey, CBC
Mapping America: every city, every block” by The New York Times
Moments” by Everynone
My story, my goal” by University of Miami students
Now what, Argentina?” by UNC-Chapel Hill students
On the trail of a serial rapist” by The Washington Post
Out my window” by Katerina Cizek
Prison valley” by David Dufresne and Philippe Brault
Products of slavery” by Anti-Slavery International
Proposition 19: The battle over legalizing marijuana” by LA Times
Proposition 19 – the new leaf” by I Shot Him Because I Loved Him, Damn Him
Soul of Athens, 2010” by Ohio University students
Spilling over” by UNC-Chapel Hill students
“Statelessness” by Open Society Institute
Streetlight” by Bombay Flying Club
Syracuse diners” by Syracuse University students
The clock is ticking” by Duarte
The economy of a tent city” by Travis Fox
The hill farmer” by Neal Andrews
The power of dreams” by Honda
The watson trivia challenge” by The New York Times
The wilderness downtown” by Chris Milk
This land” by Diane Whelan and Jeremy Mendes
Three women” by Eric Maierson
Time to time” by José Carlos Castaño and Ernesto Villalba
Top secret America” by The Washington Post
Touching stories” by Tool of North America and Domani Studios
Torn apart” by Dai Sugano
Tracking taxes: A look back at tax rates and spending” by USA Today
Tracking the oil spill in the Gulf” by The New York Times
Una mina por dentro” by La Tercera
Undesired” by Walter Astrada and MediaStorm
Words” by Will Hoffman and Daniel Mercadante

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  • Anonymous

    Great list! Would be really interesting to know how much was spent developing these top 50, and sorting them into categories like: MSM/legacy media, public media, college media, hyperlocal community sites, non-profit organizations. Glad to see Prison Valley and Out My Window on the list.

    • Tracy Boyer

      Hi Julie! Thanks for your comment. I spend all year browsing Twitter, contest winner lists, links, blogs, etc for sites that inspire me. At the end of each year, I aggregate all of the sites that I blogged about throughout the year with others that I have found through my various networks. Many come from MultimediaShooter and MediaStorm’s “stories you must see” lists, as well as projects listed on InteractiveNarratives. I spent two weeks on and off finalizing this list in addition to the time spent over the year keeping up with sites. That doesn’t mean that this list is all inclusive – of course it is biased depending on my networks. I wish I had come across more multimedia from Asia and South America, for example. But, there’s always room to improve for next year! I will also seriously consider sorting them in the future, as that will help readers who are only focused in one area to concentrate on those that are applicable to their interests. Thanks again!

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  • Chris Jordan

    Hi Tracy –

    Wondering about the definition of multimedia here. Some stuff reads like a 30 minute documentary and if that’s the case then why not make places for Gasland and Restrepo. Some stuff seems like it’s fiction – then why not make a place for much more ambitious short, fiction films. Most of it is video, which makes me a little sad that multimedia has really ended up being mostly video journalism – thank God for students and the NYT graphics department still pushing it.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love video/photojournalism and I love all of these pieces…tweeted most of them throughout the year…I’m just wondering what the word means anymore.


    • Tracy Boyer

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks so much for your message. I also noticed a big lack of interactive multimedia this year (which obviously is my preferred format) – but it’s also been noted by Nielsen and others that video seems to be the trend lately so I’m not sure if this will also be the case in 2011.

      That being said, you bring up a great point about the variety of multimedia listed here. In my thesis analyzing various definitions of the term, I found that Brunye, Taylor, Rapp, and Spiro (2007) determined the most accurate definition as any presentation that utilizes multiple formats in either one or multiple sensory modalities (visual, auditory, etc). That being said, the definition is extremely generic and leaves a lot of room for a variety of projects.

      Happy New Years!

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