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You may be wondering how I am selecting companies to feature for our new series “Company Spotlight.” Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret: For the last six months I have been keeping track of every multimedia company I have come across on a massive Google Doc.

While I will try to feature as many companies as possible, there is no way to conduct Q&A’s with all of them. And what good does a massive list of resources do when it sits in my private docs? Thus, I decided to publish a portion of my list for you to peruse on your own in case you are looking for an internship, a job, or sheer inspiration.

Before you get discouraged by the lack of multimedia jobs in the online journalism sector, check out these companies to see if they are hiring. Or, if you are an entrepreneur, check out the competition before forming your LLC!

I’m sure that I haven’t found all of the companies out there, so please add those I have missed in the comments below. Thanks in advance for your input!

Multimedia Companies:

1105 Media (US; multiple locations; headquarters in Chatsworth, CA)
49th Parallel Productions (CA, US)
Bombay Flying Club (Vejle, Denmark)
C-Change Media (US)
Chance Multimedia (Denver, CO, US)
Charm FX (US)
Cortina Productions (McLean, VA, US)
Duckrabbit (Kings Heath, England)
Ewen Media (Minneapolis, MN, US)
Fauna Corporation (Canada)
Garapa (São Paulo, Brasil)
Honkytonk (Paris, France)
Horizon Productions (Durham, NC, US)
Kauri Multimedia (Spain)
Marble Media (Toronto, ON, Canada)
MediaStorm (Brooklyn, NY, US)
Mission Media (Baltimore, MD, US)
Momenta Group (US)
Narrative (Paris, France)
New Media Campaigns (Carrboro, NC, US)
Not on the Wires (UK)
Panos Pictures (London, UK)
Point Multimedia Designs (Asheville, NC, US)
Rare Form Films (Santa Monica, CA, US)
Reactive (multiple locations: Melbourne and Sydney, Australia; London, UK; Auckland, New Zealand)
Remain in Light (San Francisco, CA, US)
SapientNitro (multiple locations: 14 in US; 8 in Europe; 7 in Asia; 3 in Australia)
See Here Studios (San Francisco, CA, US)
Seegull Media (Indianapolis, IN, US)
Sojournposse (headquarters in UK; Barcelona, Kathmandu, Colombo, Kuala Lumpur and Cordoba)
Story4 (Felton, CA, US)
Studio .fu (London, UK)
Talking Eyes Media (Montclair, NJ, US)
Tellit Multimedia (Chicago, IL, US)
The Warehouse Multimedia Studios (Goodlettsville, TN, US)
TK Multimedia (New York City, NY, US)
Weyo (Norfolk, VA, US)

Interactive Agencies:

Applied Works (London, UK)
Behavior Design (New York, NY, US)
Bowtie (US and Mexico)
Curious Sense (Durham, NC, US)
Domani Studios (New York & Chicago, US)
Foursaken Media (US)
Immersive Media (Calgary, AB, Canada)
Interactive Media Lab (Louisville, KY, US)
MediaBOOM (Guilford, CT, US)
Osmosis (Westport, CT, US)
Red Piston (Windsor, ON, Canada)
Red Storm Entertainment (Cary, NC, US)
RPA: Rubin Postaer and Associates (US; multiple locations)
Second Story (Portland, OR, US)
Sensory Minds (Germany)
Smashing Ideas (Seattle, WA and Portland, OR, US; Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK)
Swarm Interactive (Chapel Hill, NC, US)
Grow Interactive (Norfolk, VA, US)
Tracermedia Interactive (Columbus, OH, US)
Trafik (Lyon, France)
WHITEvoid (Berlin, Germany)
Zerofractal Studio (Bogota, Colombia; Miami, FL, US; Toronto, Canada)

Information Design / Data Visualization Companies:

5W Infographics (Washington, DC and New York, NY, US; Madrid, Spain)
Berg (London, UK)
Infograficanimata (Rome, Italy)
Interactive Things (Zürich, Switzerland)
Kicker Studio (San Francisco, CA, US)
Multitouch Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain)
Periscopic (Portland, OR, US)
Pitch Interactive (Madison, WI, US)
Reactable (US)
The Barbarian Group (New York, NY; Boston, MA and San Francisco, CA, US)
The New Mediators (US)
XPlane (Portland, OR and St. Louis, MO, US; Madrid, Spain; Amsterdam, Netherlands)

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  • http://www.eschlaik.com Erica Schlaikjer

    this is an excellent post! it would be helpful if you had time to list the city where the company is based, rather than just the country. thanks for the resource.

  • http://www.tracynboyer.com Tracy Boyer

    Great point, Erica. I started noting the state on a couple of them, but I will go through and try to find more precise locations for the companies listed. Thanks!

  • http://twitter.com/Periscopic Periscopic

    Thanks for including Periscopic in your list! We’re located in Portland Oregon, and should be in the “Information Design / Data Visualization Companies” category.

  • http://www.tracynboyer.com Tracy Boyer

    Thanks for the clarification! I have swapped your company listing under the correct header. Cheers!

  • Anonymous

    This is Alex from Not on the Wires, we’re honoured to be featured on the list.

    We’re based in London but will be expanding our global network very soon.


  • http://www.sojournposse.com Sojournposse

    This is Zarina from Sojournposse. We are inspired by everyone mentioned on this list. It’s an honour.

    Our main base is London. Our networks are in Barcelona, Kathmandu, Colombo, Kuala Lumpur and Cordoba. Hope you can join our storytellers at London Design Festival 2010.

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  • Carlos Johnson

    visit http://www.guesswhatmagazine.net / News at a click

  • Kevin

    Excellent Post….But i think you are Focusing Only USA and Europe Country Not focusing on asian,russian, and other country… i hear about a pakistani company which start 2 month ago and their website is under construction now but they boost in Multimedia field,That company name techsol24 you can check their portfolio on vimeo…i think you should also focus on other countries..Thanks

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