15 April multimedia must-reads

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In case you were living under a rock this month (or, if you were like me, buried deep in final papers, projects, presentations and exams) you might have missed some of the more note-worthy links that I shared in April. No worries! I’ll get you all caught up by highlighting my favorites so you can quickly browse what I deem as most important. Of course I can’t track everyone and everything, so please share your favorite April read in the comments!

1) “The emergence of a new storytelling language” on Notes from the Media Revolution by Bjarke Myrthu

2)Motion Graphics + Visual Explanation” on More Than Tweets by Andrew Devigal

3)The importance of words in multimedia storytelling” and “Writing is part of the digital story: examples of powerful multimedia presentations that incorporate (not just link to) good nonfiction writing“on Nieman Storyboard by Jacqueline Marino

4)10 Free Services to Monitor Your Site’s Uptime” on Mashable by Amy-Mae Elliott

5)The journalist as programmer: A case study of The New York Times Interactive News Technology Department” (PDF) for International Symposium in Online Journalism by Cindy Royal

6) “The State and Future of Twitter 2010: Part One, Part Two, and Part Three” by Brian Solis

7)Apple, Adobe and HTML5,” “Understanding the canvas in HTML5,” and “What you should know about HTML5 today” on Teaching Online Journalism by Mindy McAdams

8 )Usability Do’s And Don’ts For Interactive Design” on Smashing Magazine by Ben MacGowan

9)Travis Fox on NPR/Frontline collaboration: ‘I feel like it’s a great model for the future’” on Nieman Storyboard by Andrea Pitzer

10)How Well Are You Pricing Your Designs?” on Design Reviver

11)Will Columbia-Trained, Code-Savvy Journalists Bridge the Media/Tech Divide?” on Wired’s Epicenter by Eliot Van Buskirk

12)Horizontal Attention Leans Left” on Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox by Jakob Nielsen

13)The Gradual Disappearance Of Flash Websites” on Smashing Magazine by Brad Cooper

14)9 Ways To Improve the SEO of Every Website You Design” on Six Revisions by Alex Cleanthous

15)Video at newspapers needs to improve” on Mastering Multimedia by Colin Mulvany

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