Boyer submits 2010 video application for Nicholas Kristof’s “Win a Trip” contest

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If you are wondering why II has been a little quiet lately, it is because I have been spending all of my free time completing my 2010 application for the “Win a Trip” contest with New York Times’ reporter Nicholas Kristof. I was a top-10 finalist last year, so I felt that I had to give it a second try. My first video was full of music, panning images, and content showing my humanitarian background. Thus, this year I decided to try something different and for my second video I took viewers on a mini tour of UNC to show my academic background.

I don’t claim perfection, but I will tell you that a lot of time and thought went into both my written essay and video. As always, I’d love your feedback in case I have to do a round three. But, let’s hope that doesn’t happen and I get the grand prize this year!

If you want to learn about this contest, read his “Win a Trip” column that he published last month. Below is his video calling for entries, followed by my 2010 and 2009 applications. If you are a student, you still have a week to submit your written and/or video application!

Thanks for being patient while I finished my application and I will get back to my normal blogging schedule soon!

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  • Greg Linch

    Best of luck! You should tweet this post to him.

    Es: Mucha suerte! Debieras mandarle este post por twitter.

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  • Michelle Langston

    Good luck, Tracy!

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