Top 50 multimedia sites of 2009

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2009 brought countless inspirational Web sites, touching stories, and innovative ideas. Here is my “Top 50″ list of favorite multimedia sites from this year. Thanks for all of the inspiration and keep it up for 2010!

Anticipating Obama’s Inauguration on a City Block | The New York Times
Avatar Movie
Behind the Veil | Globe & Mail
Beyond Cars | Toyota
Beyond the Barrel | Arizona Daily Star
Coraline Movie
Death Perceptions | The Columbus Dispatch
Driftless: Stories from Iowa | Danny Wilcox Frazier & MediaStorm
Election 2008: Campaign Plus | AP
Fatal Flights: A Perilous Rush to Profit | The Washington Post
For Their Own Good | St. Petersburg Times
Gauging Your Distraction | The New York Times
How Different Groups Spend Their Days | The New York Times
How Do You Feel About the Economy? | The New York Times
I Hope So Too | The New York Times
Ian Fisher – American Soldier | Denver Post
Intersections | Berkeley
Jackson’s Billboard Rankings Over Time | The New York Times
Jobs May Rebound in 2010 | USA Today
Journey to the End of Coal | Honkytonk & 31Septembre
Killer Blue, Baptized by Fire | AP
Kroo Bay | Anna Kari and Guilhe Alandry
Life, Death and the Taliban | Global Post
Living Galapagos | UNC
Mapping UK’s Teen Murder Toll | BBC
On Thinner Ice | Asia Society & MediaStorm
One in 8 Million | The New York Times
Plug Into the Smart Grid | GE
POTUS Tracker | The Washington Post
Powering a Nation | UNC
Presidential Approval Tracker | USA Today
Reportaje 360 | El Pais
Scene In | The Washington Post
Sexual Warfare: Rape in the Democratic Republic of Congo | Sydney Morning Herald
Silent Shame | Wisconsin State Journal
Soul of Athens 2009 | Ohio University
Still Hoping | Luceo Images
Tampa Bay Mugshots | St. Petersburg Times
Testing Grounds: Drugs are expensive. Life is cheap. | St. Petersburg Times
The DeOnté Rawlings Shooting | The Washington Post
The Watch Avenue
The Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama | AP
The Stimulus Tracker | MSNBC
Times of Crisis | Reuters & MediaStorm
TimeSpace: Inauguration | The Washington Post
Thirst in the Mojave | Las Vegas Sun
Toyota Why Not? Innovation Experience | Toyota
War Without Borders | The New York Times
Wasteland | Bombay Flying Club
Waterlife | The National Film Board of Canada

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