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Rich Beckman, Knight Chair of Visual Journalism at the School of Communication at the University of Miami, recently participated in three speaking engagements: one on ‘the state of college media online‘ for College Media Lab, another titled “Y Tweets R Important,” and one on his new World Cities Project. Rich has always been known for his international, student-led multimedia projects. I was lucky enough to study under him while at UNC, and I highly recommend spending some time listening to his thoughts on multimedia. As he says, “multimedia is such a powerful tool that affects people greater than any other media had.”

Rich has organized countless trips with students around the world. Past projects include Multimedia Standards, West Grove 2008, Special Olympics Live, South of Here, White City Stories, Atacama Stories, Chasing Crusoe, Chiloe Stories, The Ancient Way, and Ten Years On.

Lauren Rabaino and Greg Linch interviewed Mindy McAdams and Rich about topics such as how to increase online and in-person engagement and how college media organizations can improve their digital presence. Visit the College Media Lab page for the podcast and other information about the speakers.

Below are archived videos from a recent Knight lecture and discussion about his work at UM. Just as a heads-up, the first video in the Knight series had technical problems, so there is no audio for the first 4 1/2 minutes. (They fixed the audio issue and uploaded a full version of the speech rather than four segments.) Enjoy!

Y Tweets R Important from KnightCenter on Vimeo.

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