Introducing SNDies 2009 finalists

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18 hours and 168 projects later, we have finished judging the 2009 SNDies competition. Check out all of the quarterly awards that we judged over the past two days in Joe Weiss’ links. Below is a list of the finalists in each category. Congrats to everyone involved in these projects. I was extremely impressed across the board with the innovation and depth of interactive storytelling. Recognition for Award of Excellence, Silver, Bronze and Gold awards will be announced at the SND 2009 convention in Buenos Aires in late September.

Breaking News:
New York Plane Crash from
Election Results 2008 President Map from
Tracking US Airways Flight 1549 from
The Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama from
The Last Minutes of Flight 3407 from

Breaking Features:
2009 Academy Awards from
Jackson’s Billboard Rankings Over Time from

Breaking Sports:
How Lezak Won Gold in 4×100-Meter Relay from
Bolt’s Record in the 100 Meters from

Non-Breaking News:
Seeds of Peace: Uganda’s Long Road to Recovery from
U.S. Hospital Death Rates from
Hurricane Tracker from
Madison Budget Game from
Choosing a President from
Electoral Explorer from
Represent from
Crossing the Line: Abuse in Hawai’i Homes from
Mexico Under Siege: The drug war at our doorstep from
A Day’s Work, Four Days’ Pay from
Anticipating Obama’s Inauguration on a City Block in Washington from
Inaugural Words: 1789 to the Present from
Ted Kennedy. from
Immigration Explorer from
War Without Borders: Fueling Mexico’s Drug Trade from
Your Government from
Murder: New York City from
Failed Prostate Procedures at the Philadelphia V.A. from

Non-Breaking Features:
Common Ground from (Updated 6:27pm EST)
Cambio Climatico from
Brewed in Nashville from
Sacred Ground from
Intended Consequences from
Please Touch Museum from
Pogue-o-matic Product Finder from
Day of the Dead from
2008 The Year in Pictures from
I Hope so Too from
One in 8 Million from
Beyond the Barrel from
Great performers from
Autopista Eibar-Vitoria (New Highway Eibar-Vitoria) from

Non-Breaking Sports:
Interactive tour of Lucas Oil Stadium from
The Race for Mr. October from
You Finish, You Win from
Infografia: Aizkolaris, cortadores de troncos from
Architectural Monuments in a Reshaped Beijing from
Indiana University Basketball Database from
2009 Indy 500 Car Tracker from
Indianapolis Motor Speedway Centennial from
A Map of Olympic Medals from
The Diver’s View from

Student Presentations:
Andaman Rising from UNC-Chapel Hill
Cape Fear To Down Here from UNC-Chapel Hill

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