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Have some extra time over the holidays to browse some great multimedia projects? Look no further than The Sydney Morning Herald, whose photography and multimedia page is jam-packed with inspiring and insightful projects.

I quickly scrolled down to view their larger multimedia interactives, and was amazed to see a featured project on the Iraq war. Excited to see their perspective of the war, I began with “Exit Iraq – the Australian side of the war.”

I was immediately impressed with the design. I preached earlier about the importance of design to grab the user, and this is a great example. Notice how they only use media icons to distinguish the type of media instead of blatantly writing “Video,” “Article,” etc. I’m a fan!

The package is broken into four categories:

“Australia in Iraq – 2003-2008″ is an extensive timeline on the past events with some nice layering of animation with the images different from the text.

“Diggers in the war zone” impressed me because this is the first combination of text in a multimedia interactive that I really like. They designed html pages for the text to appear over the Flash interface, maintaining the overall design and feel of the package with easy access back to the interactive. Nice job!

“The Iraqi cost” has several multimedia components, including videos, an audio slide show and a graphic.

“Were we right to go to war” showcases two videos and great articles detailing why they entered the war, why they left, and questioning whether it was worth it.

I had problems viewing the videos, but hopefully that is just because I am in Costa Rica on a shatty connection. Someone watch them for me and tell me what you think!

After googling the designer, I found a competition site with short bios with some of the producers for this package.

Other SMH projects that are worth a look:

“The big Arctic melt”
“Australia says sorry”

And, just because I am an American and I sometimes enjoy corny multimedia …

“George Bush Aussies Dress-Up”

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